Do you know what your skin type is? Take this dermatological test to find out which beauty routine best suits your daily needs and the needs of your skin.

The beauty routine is unique for each person and must be in accordance with the climatic conditions in which we live. Also, we have to adapt our treatment to day and night to get the best results.

During the day: Cleansing, hydration, sun protection and a vitamin serum to give the skin more brightness and to give a revitalizing effect.

During the night: Deep cleaning and intensive treatment to improve your skin’s parameters, taking advantage of the fact that the detoxification process is more intensive during the night and that the body can take advantage of this moment to take care of the skin’s needs.

The intensive treatment is carried out with a customized NIGHT CREAM formulated according to your skin type and the results you want to see. Do the dermatological test and you will get the recommendation:

How does your skin feel throughout the day?




Does your skin have redness?

What is your daily ritual?

Day / night cleaning

Day / night eye contour

Day / night eye serum

Which one?

Does facial mask apply?


Facial cleansing in beauty center?

Life habits

1- Stress:

2- Environmental pollution:

3- Food:

Physical exercise:

15 + 13 =