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We apply this cream that is customized for each patient according to the results of the skin test which is free and done at the pharmacy.

First, we test the client’s skin for 10 parameters: the moisturizing level, the sebum, the melanin spots, the rednesses, the skin tone, the wrinkles, the pores, the skin elasticity, the sensitivity, the melanin concentration and the right SPF (Sun Protection Factor).

According to the results, we make the customized night cream treatment with the ingredients suitable for every kind of skin.

Few of the active ingredients used:

❏ RETINOL Derived from the vitamin A It stimulates the natural production of collagen. Antioxidant

❏ HYALURONIC ACID It retains water in the skin, and keeps the skin moisturised and elastic.

❏ GLYCOLIC ACID.  Exfoliant agent that helps to balance the tone of the skin. It also increases the collagen production.

❏ VITAMIN E cellular replenishment and powerful antioxidant.

❏ VITAMIN C We need it to make collagen as it is an antioxidant, and keeps the skin’s natural glow and elasticity.

❏ PROTEOGLYCANS It contributes to the flexibility, moisturizing, firmness and radiance

❏ RESVERATROL Polyphenols grape-derived, antioxidant, strengthens elasticity, hyaluronic acid and collagen of the skin and anti-inflammatory

❏ ARGAN OIL: moisturizing, nourishing. It contains vitamins, antioxidants and it neutralizes free radicals.  It regenerates the skin and slows down its process of skin ageing.

❏ ROSE HIP OIL: MOISTURIZING, THE MAIN VITAMIN is vitamin C that prevents the cutaneous skin ageing and heals.

❏ TEA TREE OIL: antibacterial, fungicide and antiviral: useful for treating acne and calming inflammation.

❏ CALENDULA: It heals, calms down, regenerates the skin and helps to produce more collagen.

❏ ASIAN CENTELLA: moisturizing, healing and regenerating properties.

❏ GINKO BILOBA: anti-inflammatory properties and improves the microcirculation.

❏ ALOE VERA: emollient, refreshing, moisturizer and anti-inflammatory

❏ INDIAN HORSE-CHESNUT: venotonic, anti-inflammatory, useful for rosacea.

❏ PURE AMBAR EXTRACT: power full antiaging, moisturizes and nourishes the skin extensively.

and the other ingredients that we add according to customers requirements

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