Our story begins eighteen years ago, when we opened a small pharmacy in the Principality of Andorra. At that moment a project and an illusion came true: a pharmacy that wanted to be by the side of the citizen. This project was taking shape with the gradual incorporation of the best professionals, who today form our team, without which this brand would not have been possible.

During these years we have been able to discover and know what the needs of our customers were and what they expected from the products we offered them. That’s why we’ve launched our own brand: “TU by Roser Miró”, selecting the most effective and safe active ingredients that allow us to create a personalized treatment for each client.
TU by Roser Miró, Andorra cosmetics, responds to your needs, those of our patients, our customers, our friends, our visitors …
TU by Roser Miró, Andorra cosmetics, is the materialization of our work and what we have learned over the years.

YOU are your own custom cosmetic brand.

Our range consists of office products and formulas and personalized dermocosmetics.

Ingredients we use: We use innovative and safe active ingredients , natural oils, vegetable essences and the best galenic. The active ingredients are the criteria mentioned dermatological characteristics of each client.

Ingredients we don’t use: We don’t use parabens, silicones, or phenoxyethanol.

Now you know our story!