The TU range is nurtured by personalized dermocosmetics and office products and shapes. To make the products, use innovative and safe active ingredients, natural oils, vegetable essences, the best galenic… In addition, the active ingredients of the products are selected according to the dermatological characteristics of each customer. In skin care, the ingredients used are as important as those not. And is that each element adds or subtracts. In none of the TU products will you find parabens, silicones or phenoxyethanol to guarantee the maximum health and liveliness of the skin.


Recyclable, customizable and reusable packaging of TU range

All packaging of the TU range can be recycled in the plastic container or, if preferred, can be refilled. If you opt for the latter option, in addition, you can enjoy a total discount on the product. In addition to recycling, TU packaging is also characterized by its customization. And it is that each user can choose the way to apply the product according to different closing and dosing systems: through the dispenser, disc-top cap, spray dispenser or screw cap.